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Click ‘N’ Lick is your 21st century ice cream man; delivering family favourites, retro lollies and traditional Italian gelato ice cream straight to your door. Founded by brothers Alf and Joe along with brother-in-law Lewis, the trio are the third generation of ice cream men in the family. Their granddad first began delivering ice cream in the 1950s, which was homemade as per his Sicilian background. “It was cool to have an ice cream van parked in the drive-way,” Joe says of his dad’s van. “We were used to it, but when friends came round they thought it was amazing!”
Fast-forward a few decades (and then some!) and the three have branched out beyond their rounds, travelling the length and breadth of the country to sell ice creams and lollies at festivals such as Glastonbury, Wireless and Global Gathering serving the likes of Leona Lewis, Skepta and Chris Martin from Coldplay.

With Click ‘N’ Lick Alf, Joe and Lewis are aiming to bring the vintage ice cream man experience and give it a modern digital makeover. Drawing on their heritage, they’ve sourced the finest Italian gelato as well as tracked down those hard to get classic lollies such as Cherry Brandy, Zzap and Rocket Lolly and will bring them direct to your doorstep. “That’s what people like; hearing the jingle and knowing that you’re near,” Lewis explains. “It’s tradition.”


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